Monday, April 10, 2006

Immigration Solution?

With the immigration protests bringing the issue to the forefront,
I've decided to think on the issue. The border is broken. We know it and the Mexicans know it.

There are three solutions bandied about:

1. Do Nothing
2. Legalize the aliens.
3. Use the army and build a real wall along the 2000 mile border.

Option One is stupid. Option two is a slap in the face for legal immigrants.
Imagine it this way, you are waiting in line for a ride at disneyland. After a two hour wait you reach the front of the line only to have 300 people cut in front of you and demand to go on the ride. It strikes me a dreadfully unfair to those who tried to play by the rules, who spent time and money to come here legally.

Option three could be done for around 16 billion dollars. This is a real option. We would need to bring the troops home from around the world (a good thing IMO) and we could build a replacement for the panama canal as part of it.

But what if there was another option? One so crazy it just might work?

My suggestion:

We have the seven northern states of Mexico vote on whether to join the USA.

The consequences:

If all seven joined, the US would grow in land area by 10%. Those wishing to become Americans could move to these states and thus have a smoother transition. We could have a five to ten year transition period, were any work done in this area is tax free. This would probably drive skilled workers SOUTH from the US into these new states.

Currently 15 Billion dollars is transferred into Mexico from the US. Since Mexico has done nothing to stop the migration (indeed they encourage it) We make them an offer:

Allow your northern states the chance to vote on US statehood, or we cut off all wire transfers. The US could then pay Mexico for any state just like the Louisiana Purchase.

Imagine the explosion of jobs in such a huge tax free zone. We could even add a requirement that those here illegally MUST return to the new states and live there for 5-10 years at which time they would become citizens. Those who refuse to do so would be permanently banned from US soil (a mandatory 10 year jail sentence if caught in the US again).

These new states would see an explosion of jobs, the new citizens would have plenty of room to live, and a smooth transition into the American way of life.


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