Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Alea iacta est

The Die Is Cast. I feel ill. I am not sure whether it is the thought of Bush being president for another four years, or the fact that the people believed his drivel. I expect more fear, more terror and more security (All in the name of Liberty of course).

The patriot act redux will sail through congress and it will usher in defacto National ID cards. It remains to be seen whether the Department of Homeland Security will gain control of the Social Security employment eligibility database. If so, I'm sure we will see people become "unfit" for employment.

It may be that we've gotten too soft for Liberty. That seems to be the paradox, a Republic starts out destined for greatness because of Liberty. Yet, Liberty itself is its own undoing. It creates wealth and luxury, which in turn breed envy, sloth, and avarice.

The question that keeps going through my mind is: "Is the Republic Dead?" We've had a little over 200 years. That seems to be the natural lifespan for a Republic. Just like Rome we'll talk the talk, as we stride across the globe.

I have read too much History. I can see the path clearly before us, an empire built upon constant war, the division of the rich and poor as the middle class evaporates. Bread and circuses, to placate the poor. If we pay lip service to justice, we'll go back to giving the faithful soldiers of the empire a plot of land in the new territories upon retirement.

With Bush believing he is the voice of god, perhaps he will be the one to finally declare the constitution null and void. Enjoy the Empire, at least one of us should....

Ave Caesar!


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