Sunday, October 31, 2004

A New age of Reason

There comes a time when all men must place principle before personal gain or loss. This election is just such a time. Many people are disgusted with both George Bush and John Kerry. Yet in the end many will choose the lesser of two evils.

We as citizens are failing in our duty whenever we do this. Choosing the lesser of two evils does a disservice to this country, the Republic and the Constitution it was founded upon. Whenever you vote from fear you are treating with disrespect what the founding fathers and countless others risked their very lives for, your freedom to CHOOSE.

Freedom of choice is the cornerstone of this country. To pay it lip service by choosing one of two distastful candidates for fear of wasting your vote is not only ludicrous but unpatriotic. In the end only one candidate will win. According to this theory, Everyone who did not vote for the winner will have wasted their vote.

If we as a country refuse to stand against such limited choice, we all will lose.


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